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Gefragt: Bobby Britnell

23.06.2014 09:42 Uhr, Kategorie: Kunstsommer 2014, Gefragt

Bobby Britnell und eine ihrer Arbeiten "Tulips on Tiptoes"

Bobby Britnell geht in ihrer Meisterklasse des 27. Schwäbischen Kunstsommers auf Erkundungstour zwischen den Künsten: Die Textilkünstlerin aus England interessiert sich für den Umgang mit Geweben, Stoffen - aber auch für das Medium der Zeichnung. Beides bringt sie in ihrer Meisterklasse "Drawing for Textile Art" in Zusammenhang. Mit den Teilnehmenden experimentiert sie mit den Möglichkeiten, die aus dieser ungewöhnlichen Verbindung von Materialien, Methoden und Techniken entstehen.


Bobby Britnell arbeitet seit über 40 Jahren in Textile Art. Sowohl als freie Künstlerin wie auch als Dozentin hat sie sich in dieser Zeit einen herausragenden Ruf erworben.



Questionnaire for instructing artists



1.        What thoughts crossed your mind when you received the invitation to give a class at the 27th Schwaebische Kunstsommer?


I was very, excited to be invited to teach at such a prestigious event, but also a little apprehensive. It will be hard following textile artist Ruth Issett who is such an colourful and inspiring teacher, and I hope my teaching will live up to expectations.



2.       Wo liegt für Sie der Reiz, beim Kunstsommer aktiv zu sein?
What kind of thrill gives you the fact that you will participate in the Kunstsommer?


I know that this is a very prestigious event and feel very honoured to be invited to teach. This gives me a great thrill. I also feel excited at seeing the other tutors at work and the energy that such an event will have on us all.


3.       What do you like most about working with a group of people?


I love seeing how students can all arrive at different solutions, although they have all come from the same starting point. I love teaching and sharing my skills, but I also love learning from the students.



4.    Regarding textile art: What is easy for you to teach in your artistic discipline – and what is hard?


This is a very interesting question. Of course I will be teaching drawing and textile techniques with which I am familiar and in this I will feel comfortable. I suppose the difficulties can lie in not knowing the ability of students. I need to be able to stretch students and enable them to see possibilities beyond their normal working practice and this is where the teaching can become both challenging and exciting.



5.       What should the participants in your class be prepared for when working with you?


Participants in my class need to be prepared to be challenged. The course will be a little like going on a journey, but not knowing where you are heading. My job is to make sure that everyone has lots of fun and wonderful experiences on the way and are happy with the final destination. It needs to be a voyage of discovery with students playing their part by engaging in the activities and investigations offered to them.



6.      What do you expect of Irsee and the summer academy?


I am looking forward to seeing all the other creative classes at Irsee and learning from other tutors. I expect it to be hard work but very rewarding.




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