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  • Application Process

    200 words on why you are interested in this course and what you hope to gain from it; 5 images of your work – that might explain why your practice would benefit from learning about e-textiles … but don’t worry if its just images of your work.

    Jetzt bewerben

    You light up my life


    This workshop will provide a very experimental approach to textile art. It will be a fun, experimental week, learning the basics of electronics with a view to integrating them into textile projects. We will make simple stitched circuits that can be used to enhance art textiles, fashion accessories or home furnishings. Using basic electronic components such as LED lights, speakers, magnets and conductive thread and fabrics we will experiment with the potential to make light up embroideries, stitched speakers or soft switches. This is an introduction to stitched e-textiles and in that respect is perfect for novices and those with little or no experience of e-textiles. Those with intermediate or advanced e-textile experience may be frustrated by the simplicity of the electronics that we plan to use. – Number of participants is limited to ten.


    Student Requirements

    Interest in how e-textiles can be used to animate or enable interaction with a textile surface; confidence in basic stitchery techniques including simple hand stitch and using embroidery hoops; you don’t lose your temper trying to thread thick thread into narrow needle eyes and have a practical approach to problem solving and an open approach to learning; you stay calm when frustrated by tracking down short circuits and broken connections; don’t mind looking like a right idiot wearing a pair of magnifying glasses for close work.

    „a very experimental approach“

    Karina Thompson

    Textile artist based in Birmingham; graduated from the MA Textiles Course in Birmingham; BA (Hons) Textile Design Lecturer since 1987 she has been exhibiting her work all over the world in venues as diverse as the New York Gift Fair, the Centre for Clinical Haematology in Birmingham, The International Quilt Study Centre, Nebraska and the Biological Anthropological Research Centre, Bradford; selected residences: 2014–2018 Parallel Practices, Crafts Council and King’s College London 2014–2015 Error bred in the bone, Biological Anthropological Research Centre, University of Bradford 2005 member of Quilt Art.


    Selected exhibitions

    2019 Vlieseline Fine Art Textile Award shortlist; Material Evidence, Quilt Art exhibition, Menier Gallery, London and international tour 2017 ‘Well Said’, Royal Shakespeare Company, Stratford-upon-Avon and Barbican, London 2016 ‘All the things you are not yet’ Utopia 2016 festival at Somerset House, London, with the Cultural Institute of King’s College London 2015 ‘What have I got to do to make it okay’ Pumphouse Gallery and national tour 2013 Cloth and Memory 2, Salts Mill, Saltaire, West Yorkshire.



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    Porträtfoto: © Richard Battye, Riverside Studio