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Application Papers

Fife to ten photographs of own artworks; a short artistic CV; a statement with the personal expectations concerning the class.


Number of participants is limited to ten.

2013 - The Puzzle Of Colour

How do you address and make colour work for you? Is colour an emotional expression of yourself? How do you know if it ‘works’ or not? So many questions, so much to sort out! Colour is fascinating and for many challenging. This course is designed to address and explore some of these questions. Using colour in a variety of different ways on paper, fabric and with stitch, we will investigate how it is affected by different materials, surfaces and processes. We will work through a series of small experimental investigations, gradually creating a collection of colourful pieces – juicy nuggets. From these nuggets we will build, adapt and rearrange compositions and relationships. Working as a group and independently, we will take this opportunity to investigate some colour applications, combinations and compositions that are boundless. Participants will be able to investigate new, undiscovered territory, develop a personal confidence and expression for future work.

Participation Terms

Good know-how in textile art. To those who feel unconfident with the English language we / the organizers will provide aid of translation at the outset of the class.


Ruth Issett

1973–2007 Ruth worked for Kent Adult Education U.K. tutoring a wide range of textile courses including City & Guilds since 2001 freelance tutor, delivering courses in the U.K., Europe, U.S.A and Australia today with her own working space in Shropshire; B.A. in Fashion/Textiles (Embroidery); member of the Textile Study Group and Prism Exhibiting group; long term associate of Art Van Go and has often been seen demonstrating for them at the Knitting & Stitching Shows and The Festival of Quilts in the U.K.


1998 Colour on Paper & Fabric 2001 Glorious Papers
2004 Colour on Cloth 2007 Print, Pattern and Colour
2009 Marvellous Markal.

Artistic Statement

Ruth’s work reflects her passion and excitement for using colour on paper and fabric through dyeing, printing and stitch. Much of her work is about movement and glimpsed observations of environments. Every observation is interpreted into colour, carefully noting the variations achieved through the use of collective media. Throughout Ruth’s working life she has utilized a wide range of materials which has led to a considerable understanding of media, surfaces and the exploration of textile processes. Always underpinning this research was the quest to understand colour, its application to different surfaces and the ultimate visual effect. She especially enjoys sharing these techniques and differen possibilities with enthusiastic students.


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