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Application Papers

Five to ten photographs of own artworks; a short artistic CV; a statement with the personal expectations concerning the class.


2014 - „Drawing for textile art“

What is meant by drawing? How are ideas generated? Where do ideas come from? How can drawing inspire textile art? “Drawing” can have many meanings and can be approached in so many different ways, not just with a pencil. The mark put onto a surface whether paper or cloth can be simply changed by the use of the tool, the media employed or by changing the surface on which you are working. These are the areas that students will initially be investigating both on paper and onto fabric. You will be building, developing and pushing along your ideas, with the introduction of processes and techniques as appropriate. Armed with a collection of possibilities students will be then encouraged to develop their own individual responses on paper and cloth. You will leave the course bursting with ideas for developing your personal expressive voice in textile art.

Participation Terms

Good know-how in textile art. To those who feel unconfident with the English language we / the organizers will provide aid of translation at the outset of the class.

Bobby Britnell

Born in 1953; has worked in textiles for over 40 years, initially in theatre costume and tailoring, before qualifying as a teacher; teaches and lectures all over the U.K. and abroad, and in schools, for community groups and guilds; 2008–2012 taught on the BA Stitched Textiles Degree programme for the Julia Caprara School of Stitched Textiles; teaches many courses from her purpose built studio in South Shropshire including “Working Together” courses which she team teaches with Ruth Issett; member of the “Textile Study Group” and “Through our Hands”; Bobby exhibits worldwide.


2013 Stitched Textiles: Flower`s by Search Press.

Artistic Statement

Bobby enjoys the move from drawing, designing through to formulating ideas into fabric. She constantly seeks out processes which keep the vitality of the drawings in the translation into fabric and stitch. She enjoys changing the surface of fabrics through dyeing, colouring, printing and creating heavily machine-stitched surfaces. In January 2012 Bobby and her husband set up a charity “Hands up for Uganda”. The project has provided profound and meaningful connections and inspirations for her work as a textile artist. Their materials such as banana fibres, raffia, grasses and bark cloth have become surfaces on which to explore ideas and processes in less conventional ways with her more usual fabrics and techniques.


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